Blake Emal

I am a young self-starter with a dream to live a life of meaning, adventure, and powerful experiences. I don't believe that success is a zero-sum game, but rather that like-minded people need to unite and help each other out. I am the owner and founder of Blake Emal, LLC ~ a Website Growth and Conversion Optimization Consultancy. I've been a digital marketer for 4 years, and I have learned many skills that I consider to be of great value. However, those skills pale in comparison to empathy. I want to build a community of like-minded, young entrepreneurs (like me) to have a place to go to discuss their projects, ideas, and dreams without fear of criticism. It is great to get advice from uber-successful business owners, but isn't it just as valuable to get advice from and give advice to people going through the same struggles? I would love to connect with anyone who feels a burning desire to make products, offer services, and provide solutions to the world's problems. We have not yet arrived at our stations of success, but maybe one day we can get there together.

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