22 Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Non-Geeks

22 Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Non-Geeks

Although you may not be as comfortable with new technologies as others, in this generation of technology reliance it is important to be able to keep up. You don’t have to be a geek to utilize a computer. You can take advantage of the technology and learn some really great shortcuts to make your life little bit easier. Hopefully this list of essential keyboard shortcuts for Windows can help you do just that. Note: These keyboard shortcuts are specifically for computers with the Windows operating system.

The basics

These are the essential keyboard shortcuts for Windows you definitely can’t live without.

1. Copy selected item: Ctrl+C


    Copy any line of text or photos to your clipboard, while keeping a copy of the text in its original location.

    2. Cut selected item: Ctrl+X


      Cut a selected line of text or photos. Caution: If done incorrectly, you can lose the item since you no longer have a copy of it in the original location.

      3. Paste selected item: Ctrl+V


        Paste a selected cut or copied item into a new location. Note: If you need the item pasted in different formats (e.g. text only), you might still need to paste it from the right-click of the mouse.

        4. Undo action: Ctrl+Z



          Reverses an action. For example, if you accidentally delete a line of text, this keyboard shortcut should bring it back.

          5. Redo action: Ctrl+Y


            This is the opposite to the ‘undo’ shortcut. Did you accidentally undo something you shouldn’t have? Don’t worry, this keyboard shortcut should redo it.

            6. Select everything: Ctrl+A


              Selects every item on the page. Useful for when you need to copy whole webpages into Word documents.

              7. Print page(s): Ctrl+P


                The quickest way to bring up the print options. Printing takes long enough as it is, why not save some time?

                8. Take screenshot of current screen: PrntSc

                Normal Keyboard

                  Takes a screenshot of whatever you can see on your screen to the clipboard. You can then paste the image anywhere from Paint to Word documents.


                  9. Save file*: Ctrl+S

                  Normal Keyboard

                    Using this keyboard shortcut every few minutes or so ensures a lowered chance of losing precious work progress.

                    10. Create new file*: Ctrl+N


                      Immediately brings up a new, blank page for you to start working on. It is definitely easier that going through the normal tedious process of creating a new blank document.

                      11. Open file*: Ctrl+O

                      Normal Keyboard

                        Brings up a window where you can choose to open a previous saved file, image, video, etc. *Use for programs such as Microsoft Office, Paint, Adobe, etc. Does not work for everything, especially over the internet.

                        Changing Format of Selected Text

                        Especially useful in Word documents or notepads

                        12. Underline text: Ctrl+U

                        Normal Keyboard

                          13. Bold text: Ctrl+B


                          Normal Keyboard

                            14. Italic text: Ctrl+I

                            Normal Keyboard

                              Highlight a selection of text and use any of these shortcuts to change the text format. It is much easier than having to look for the appropriate button on the toolbar. Note: These shortcuts don’t work in situations where you are unable to manipulate text (e.g. social networking)

                              15. Switch between open windows: Alt+Tab


                                Brings up all open windows onto the screen, including Internet Explorer, Word documents, media player, etc. Hold Alt and continue pressing Tab until you have reached the desired window.

                                16. Refresh the page: F5

                                Normal Keyboard

                                  You will often be required to reload/refresh your browser, and you can do so quite easily with the push of a single button.

                                  17. Rename a file: F2


                                    Select the file or files and press this key to rename. Note: To rename all files in a folder, use the shortcut Ctrl+A then press F2

                                    18. Power down: Ctrl+Alt+Delete



                                      This famous keyboard shortcut brings you to a page where you are able to select whether you want to put the computer on sleep, shut down, log out, lock the device, etc.

                                      19. Move through tabs: Ctrl+Tab


                                        In a browser, this shortcut will allow you to move through tabs which you can see at the very top of the page.

                                        20. Close current window: Ctrl+W


                                          If you are working with a lot of unnecessary windows open, this keyboard shortcut should close the window you are currently on.

                                          21. Move to bottom of current page: End


                                            There is often important information displayed at the bottom of a webpage. This key will bring you straight there.

                                            22. Visit browser home page: Alt+Home


                                              This keyboard shortcut brings you back to the default home page of your browser.

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                                              Published on September 20, 2018

                                              11 Google Chrome Apps and Features to Help You Get More Done with Less Effort

                                              11 Google Chrome Apps and Features to Help You Get More Done with Less Effort

                                              In today’s fast-paced and never-ending busy world, we are overwhelmed by tasks that need to be completed by tight deadlines. With so much technology it is difficult to find the right tools to help boost our efficiency. And, many tools get obsolete so its essential to stay up-to-date to know when you will have to make adjustments to these tools. Independently of where you work, there’s a good chance that you have to be working on a PC or a laptop.

                                              Do you are feel like you do not have enough time, or cannot accomplish much as of late? It is recommended to take a step back and look at the big picture. Also, you want to explore new and innovative ways to improve productivity.

                                              In this article, I outline 11 features and apps within the Chrome browser that can help you do just that.

                                              Minimizing Tabs

                                              Let’s face it we all have more than a dozen tabs opened on our computers. One neat trick to still keep most of them open is to turn them into pinned tabs. On Google Chrome you can right-click the tab and select “Pin Tab” option. This turns the tab into an icon enabling you to continue multitasking.

                                              Pinning a tab anchors the tabs on the left of your toolbar; a great benefit of the “Pin Tab” feature is that you can’t close these tabs accidentally since the “X” disappears after pinning them.

                                              Incognito Mode

                                              Google Chrome is a very easy-to-use and intuitive. But, Google does collect our browsing data; so to remedy this, you can use Incognito Mode. This feature does not keep your browsing or download history. You can enable or access it in three different ways:


                                              1. Press Ctrl/Command+shift+N
                                              2. Select File Menu and choose New Incognito Window
                                              3. Download extension New Incognito Window

                                              This feature is very handy if you’d rather not have your browsing history stored and utilized for future advertisement or suggested pages.

                                              Save Webpages as PDF Files

                                              Have you ever browsed interesting or important information and then forgot to bookmark or save it in “favorites”, making it impossible to find again? Chances are you have done this on a number of occasions.

                                              Thankfully, there is an easy solution. You can save webpages as PDF files. On your keyboard, press control/command+p and you will be able to save webpages as PDFs.

                                              Open Recently-closed Tabs

                                              Ever had dozens of tabs opened and all of a sudden your browser shuts down? It has probably happened to all of us. You can easily recover all of your tabs using two approaches. Don’t panic if this happens because there is a workaround and solution for it.

                                              One is by pressing Ctrl/CMD+Shift+T.

                                              The other approach is to click on the three vertical dots on your browser and hover over “History”.


                                              Solve Mathematical Problems

                                              Google’s Chrome browser doesn’t just search for relevant and updated information. It is also capable of performing some mathematical problems. Within the omnibox (Chrome’s address or URL bar), you can perform mathematical exercises.

                                              For example, if you are struggling with percentages you can search 20 percent of x amount and it will instantly provide a result. Pretty handy, right?!

                                              Play Media Files

                                              Are you frequently met with difficulties when playing or watch a video files? Well, once again Chrome comes to the rescue. You can can listen or play videos from all sorts of movie or music files (mp3, mp4, .mov, .mkv, .ogv, .webm, .wav, etc.) by simply dragging the file into the search bar.

                                              In addition, you can view images, PDF files and Microsoft Office files, too.

                                              Navigate Swiftly Between Tabs

                                              With all of those tabs opened comes great navigation responsibilities. Rather than clicking through every tab, you can use shortcut keys like Ctrl+Tab to navigate all of the different tabs. Also, you are able to navigate to the first tab by pressing Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, and so on. If you want to switch to the very last tab, press Ctrl-9.

                                              Stay Focus(e)d

                                              Computers nowadays have awesome capabilities.


                                              Sometimes we like to get work done, but let’s face it, we’re all human. We sometimes procrastinate by visiting a website we really like, or maybe take a break with watching a flick on Netflix, a video on YouTube or browsing Facebook.

                                              With Chrome’s StayFocusd extension, you can truly stay focused and get more done in less time.

                                              This extension naturally helps you stay more productive by limiting the amount of time you spend on websites. You can set the time and it will automatically block those sites after a certain period.

                                              Grammarly for Editing

                                              Grammarly is a must have, and it’s really a complete powerhouse. Grammarly helps you check your grammar and spelling for everything you write online.

                                              You can use it professionally or as a student, which will make the editing process much easier and more efficient. Furthermore, it can automatically check for typos when you send an email, type a Tweet, or post a Facebook comment. It’s like having your own personal copyeditor!


                                              There are times that words in an email or written text in a chat app will just not convey the right meaning.


                                              There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the same is true of videos.

                                              With Loom, you can capture, narrate and immediately share video recordings of your screen, which will help coworkers understand issues you are facing, or to easily convey an explanation on screen. Plus, with video you will be able to easily walk people through a process, and you can use it to create simple how-to videos.

                                              Chrome Calendar Extension

                                              No matter what your level of responsibility is at your job, Google Calendar is another essential resource to have at your fingertips.

                                              Specifically, you can have this extension added as an icon in the toolbar of your browser, which I highly recommend. Once you add the extension to your browser, you can check for upcoming events with a single click without leaving your current page.

                                              Final Thoughts

                                              Google Chrome has definitely evolved from its inception. As you can see you have a very powerful tool that comes as a free installation and is loaded with dozens of capabilities. The above listed Chrome apps can resolve some of the most common obstacles to your time management and productivity.

                                              Featured photo credit: Andrew Neel via

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