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What are the most popular lists?

Almost everyone makes lists, but we couldn’t find anything out there to tell us what types of lists people make, what are the most popular lists, how big their lists are, what people use to make lists. Some of the most successful business men, such as Richard Branson, endorse the use of lists. Searching google showed me there are more than a billion lists out there on the internet. As you may (or may not) know, we are building Listible, a tool that lets you create lists easily. I didn’t want this to be ‘another’ to do list app (there are plenty of awesome to do list apps out there), so a little bit of research later, and this is what I found out about how you create lists, and what lists you create.

Although most people make a to do list, there are many different types of lists that people make. Women generally make more lists than guys, yet guys will use more different tools to make their lists. Have a look at the info gathered here. What type of lists do you make? If you create lists that are not just to do lists, then check out Listible.

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