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Tips for squelching your anger

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Tips for squelching your anger

Anger is the worse emotion you want in your life. It affects yourself, or it may affect others as well. It is unavoidable, but luckily it is controllable. Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project suggests 10 tips to control your anger. Those strategies are working for her well – pick several and try and see if they work for you as well:

  • Don’t give in to my anger
  • Let the sun go down on my anger
  • Accept blame
  • Ask: “Am I improving the situation?”
  • Find “an area of refuge.”
  • Distract myself. Indulging in “overthinking”
  • Ask: am I mad at myself?
  • Laugh.

This Wednesday: Tips for squelching your anger. – [The Happiness Project]

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