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SEO Rules & Tools That Marketers Should Follow

SEO, search engine optimisation is the technique of optimising your site in such a way that it can be seen on the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can optimise your website by improving its inside and outside features according to the search engine standards.

These popular search engines rank the web pages, videos, local listings and other content by the visitor preferences or by which searches the visitor most makes. Here, in this article, I’ve compiled a list of some SEO rules and tools that the marketers should follow to become successful.

Primary SEO Rules

Let’s just start with some of the original SEO rules that every online business should have to follow.

Unique & Authentic Content

The most important SEO rule is the unique and quality content along with the keywords. The content should be original and would not be copied from the other sites and blogs.You can take the idea from other websites and then re-write the content in your words, but in an improved manner, with the proper use of keywords.

Always manage the sound density of the keywords while writing SEO contents. The standard practice used in the SEO writing is to keep  3 to 4 percent density.

Use of Long Tail Keywords or Phrases

It’s a common practice for years to use keywords in SEO content writing. But nowadays, using long keywords and the phrases or organic keywords, is the most popular SEO trend used these days. For attaining the maximum visibility in the search engines, business owners use unique and keyword rich content for their web pages.

Targeting Clients of a Particular Geographical Location

Apart from keywords usage, SEO based on a particular geographic location is another latest rule in the search engine optimisation field. As the trends are evolving nowadays, people use customised web searches by using individual specifications such as location, type etc.

It ultimately helps the business owners to optimise their web content, by those specifications to ensure high ranking on search engines. It is important to specify the geographical location of your activities, as well as geo-specific meta tags on your website. Doing so will ensure that your site has a higher rank on search engines.

To Cater Customised Searches

It’s a fact that the surfers search by their likes, dislikes and behaviour patterns. As a business owner, you need first to identify those customised or personalised searches to rank high in the search engines.

Primary SEO Tools

For online businesses, it’s very crucial to know the latest trends of SEO. So, with the little information regarding SEO, you would be able to choose the best SEO services for business. Here are some of the primary SEO tools for online businesses.

Google Adwords

The first SEO tool that is used is Google Adwords. You need to go to Google and then select the option of Google Adwords and then, keyword tool. Keyword tool helps you to find out exact keyword information that the visitor is typing.

It’s simple to use. As you put some primary keywords, a whole list of suggested and used keywords is provided to you by Google AdWords. While, working on SEO strategies, Google keyword search tool is critical to driving massive traffic towards the site.

Google Analytics

The next SEO tool is Google Analytics, which is a no-charge web analytics service used to track and monitor website traffic. You can now review online campaigns integrated with Adwords, by tracking the quality and goals of a landing page.

Conversions are goals that might include generation of sales and leads, clicking on a particular web page and downloading a specific file. With the help of Google Analytics funnel visualisation technique, you can also identify poor performing pages. It also lets you know who is referring the particular visitor, what their geographical position is and how long they stayed.

Google Webmaster

Now comes the Google Webmaster, which is a free service offered by Google to the web administrators. It helps you track website’s search performance by using Google search engine console. Google webmasters allow you to optimise their site’s visibility and check the index status. Google has recently rebranded Google Webmaster tools like Google Search Console.

Schema Creator

With the help of Schema Creator, bloggers can create customised codes so that your events, reviews, people and organisations are displayed the way you want on search engines. Just create your schema code and paste it into your site and there you go! You can also use the WordPress Plugin for easy execution.


Another SEO tool used by webmasters is SEMRush, which is helpful in finding profitable keywords. SEO is the basic necessity when it comes to a successful blog. SEMRush is currently helping new and even old bloggers to optimise their sites, audience-specific content creation and even enhancing their visitor’s experience to their sites.

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