Viktoria Ivanova

Psychotherapist, Coach & Wisdom Seeker

My mission is to share with people an essential life skill – How to Build Healthy Relationships and Transform Challenging Ones. Through my work and life experience, I became passionate about relationships because they transcend all boundaries, backgrounds, and cultures as they are a part of everyone’s life. They also have the greatest influence on our lives. And they unite us all! Somehow, we still rely on the idea that building healthy relationships is something we are born with or just pick up as we go. Sure, we do get bits and pieces here and there, but it is not enough to give us the full skill set we need. It’s no surprise that almost all of us struggle. Solving relationship puzzles for myself and with my clients, I accumulated a lot of wisdom that I now want to share with the world. To make that a reality, I created my global, online practice – Global Therapy with Viktoria. For bite-sized wisdom ideas and insights that you can apply in your life straight away, visit my blog at GlobalTherapy.Online and check out my YouTube channel Tea with Viktoria.