Dr. Stephanie Azri

Dr Stephanie Azri is a clinical social worker as well as an accredited sexologist- passionate about her work with women, couples, and families. With two decades in clinical settings, her expertise revolves around women’s issues (from pregnancy, to parenting, and from managing careers and being a woman in a modern society), couples (from sex to communication, and negotiating life’s challenges), to family dynamics (blended families and surviving the 21st Century). She works in the public health domain as well as in private practice, having grown her practice internationally. As an international author of multiple self-help books, her bestselling books "Unlock Your Resilience" and "The REAL guide to life as a couple" are filled with down to earth tips for readers to transform their lives and their relationships into amazing new journeys. If you’re after some very clear and positive guidelines to making lasting changes to your life, check out her work. For daily motivational posts, positive psychology challenges, and info on any of the above (or just to say hi!!), follow her on all social media platforms with the handle @drstephanieazri

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