Staci Taustine

Staci Taustine is an inspiration seeker, sharer, and community builder. With more than ten years of coaching, training, and leadership development experience, she uses her heart-driven approach to deliver impact across the public and private sectors. Through authenticity and commitment to helping others become their best selves, she has coached more than 2000 professionals (this year!) and partner organizations in career development, culture-building and collaboration. Staci believes the heart is uniquely human in that we all need the same thing--purpose. She believes in the power of community and the magic that can happen when you bring people together to talk openly about all things life, career, and love. Staci coaches from experience. Her darkest days inspire her to help others find light in one another. She knows what it feels like to have lost it all and to fight her way back. Nothing stands between us and the tomorrow we dream of if we are willing to design it…together.

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