Ray Pevley

Tek-Corneris an extension of Ray’s desire to present technology related topics in such a way that regardless of the readers level of tech knowledge, and despite a topics level of complexity; it could be read, understood and enjoyed. Ray has a knack for making even the most bland tech topic entertaining and sometimes down right hilarious. It is this unique blend of comedy, quality information, and plain English that has made Ray’s vision a success. Ray has worked professionally in the IT industry for almost 10 years, holds 2 college degrees and is currently pursuing a third. Ray also hold 16 different certifications in Electronics and Information Technology (IT) including a CCNA, MSCE and A+ certification. Ray works full tine as a Network Analyst at Ephraim McDowell Health in Danville, KY where he has made many significant contributions. Including designing, building and internally self hosting the organizations Intranet, instrumental in redesigning the network architecture and implemented a PACS Cardiology system that earned the facility a top 25 national ranking. Ray is also a guest contributor for Lifehack.org, as well as, a writer for the Bluegrass Courier and the EMH System First. Ray simply has a rare talent to break down complicated technology jargon and present it in a way that anyone can follow. People say he has a very warped, strange sense of humor, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself.