Rick Ornelas

Rick Ornelas is an Ultimate Success Coach™, bestselling author, and founder of I Spark Change. He helps those looking for clarity and guidance eliminate the roadblocks preventing their personal and professional success so they can infuse instant growth into their business and life while spreading positive change around the world. Rick wasn't always interested in helping others on a global scale despite being pushed repeatedly in that direction by a near-death experience, family tragedies, and deaths. It wasn't until the ever-worsening times of 2020 when he was laid off, isolated, and desperate that he finally got the wake-up call. His awakening came in the form of divine inspiration and an awe-inspiring spiritual connection when he least expected it. He went from isolated and hopeless, to writing a best-selling book, 12 Hours of Heaven; Lessons for a Better World in under three months while envisioning and creating an incredible future. Rick has been featured in multiple media outlets, including national/international television and radio. He’s a guest contributor for various websites, regular writer for Lifehack, and has inspired listeners across the globe as a guest expert on over 60 podcasts! His next book, 12 Hours of Heaven; Time on Earth, is in the works.

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