Onis Sampson

Young Nigerian lawyer, writer, and singer. Lives in Port Harcourt.

Lawyer, writer, and singer, ONIS SAMPSON is the Founder of Staying True, a self development blog dedicated to teaching and exploring ways people can be their authentic, real selves in the world. STAYING TRUE espouses on principles of self love, empathy, staying motivated, goal planning, and honesty. He is also an award-winning poet and writer of diverse writing forms and genres whose oeuvre is quite ineffable, having written and published poetry, short stories, and essays in printed and online magazines. His book of poems, A city is Talking Inside my Head, a 209 page groundbreaking collection was published in April 2017 by Proofnet Publishers. He blogs at www.stayingtrueforyou.wordpress.com and www.onisreviewz.wordpress.com