Miles Whitney

Helping you overcome life's little crises - one little blog at a time.

I didn't realize that I had a knack at solving life's little crises. Then one day I noticed people were asking me questions non-stop. Now I've embraced all the questions. It has become my passion to reach out to the rest of us who are feeling annoyed at the constant barrage of life's problems. If you have a nagging issue that is affecting your "today", then let me help you. I'm a long-term industry professional who has been fortunate enough to understand how to balance both life and work at the same time. I focus on providing you with practical, how-to, solutions for those little problems that just won't go away. To help people like you and me with our professional issues, I founded This is where I blog even more of my thoughts on career development, communication, and getting what you really want out of your career. If you want more out of life and work, check it out! Thanks for reading!