Louis Scotti

Lou is an Emotions Advisor and founder of Our Emotional Life. He has published the book Our Emotional Life, The Neuroscience of Our Emotions.

Louis Scotti here. We all struggle with our emotions, but t doesn't have to be that way. My greatest passion is to help people improve their emotional life; learn to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, panic, and anger, and help them live the life they deserve. Like most of us, I grew up without understanding where emotions come from or how to regulate and control them. Instead, I received the standard responses regarding my emotions like; it will pass, don't worry about it, it will be ok, or, my favorite, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I learned that what doesn't kill you doesn't always make you stronger. Sometimes the pain didn't pass. Sometimes painful emotions create lasting emotional consequences. Like the rest, I tucked away my feelings because I thought he was supposed to do that. No one told me otherwise. Emotions weren't discussed. I am an Adelphi University & NYU Post Graduate Medical School graduate and a former NYU Post Graduate Medical School Instructor. He was appointed Chairman and lead instructor for a federally granted program at the Educational Opportunities Commission, Bronx, N.Y. Lou also developed and facilitated after-school and summer programs for youth. He published the book, Our Emotional Life, The Neuroscience of Our emotions. I founded Our Emotional life, a company that helps people improve their emotional lives with specificity to stress, anxiety, depression, panic, and anger. My goal is to dare you to discover what makes you tick and learn where your emotions come from and how they affect your life. Learn what memories and beliefs formed in early childhood are, making choices for you based on false limiting beliefs that come from deeply rooted programmed subconscious beliefs that cause your inner narrative to resist your forward progress. I spent five years, over seven thousand hours developing the program/course, The 7 Transformative Steps for Emotional Freedom. I created the program so that people could have a credible source for understanding where their emotions come from, how emotions affect their lives, how to understand and better respond to their emotional triggers and learn to lower their stress, anxiety, depression, and panic. I offer my clients forthright discussion about what holds them back from being their best selves. The truth about why they fail or succeed lies in the ability to control their emotions. Our emotions can guide us and help us make good decisions, or our emotions can rule us and make our life miserable. Unfortunately, we all struggle with feelings. No matter how smart we are or what opportunities present, we cannot accomplish our goals without control over our emotions. Why not learn the truth about the choices you make? Are your choices your own, or are your choices based on false beliefs programmed into your subconscious early in your life that are choosing for you? In my spare time, I am an artist, athlete, and avid martial artist. I love to eat fresh food and cook daily. I am passionate about teaching, driven to learn, and excited about other people's success. Furthermore, I am eager to support people committed to improving their emotional life.