Liesl Hays

Liesl Hays is an author, entrepreneur and human resources strategist. For over fifteen years, Liesl has provided strategic direction to small, medium and large businesses on their human capital needs. Most recently, Liesl was a Human Resources Strategist at one of the largest global Healthcare IT companies in the world. After leaving her corporate job in 2016, she opened her own Human Resources Consulting business called Aligned Talent Consulting. In 2021, Liesl released her first book through Morgan James Publishing: Broken, Changed & Rearranged. This self-development book shares her journey of chasing the traditional paths towards success to discover she was woefully unhappy locked inside her 60-hour a week grind. Her inspiring story empowers others to step outside the traditional definitions of success in order to chase what provides them meaning. Liesl runs on coffee, “to do lists,” and the belief that life begins after you agree to write your own story. She lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri with her husband, Harlen, her children, Mady and Ethan, and their dogs, Lily and Bear.

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