Leah Borski

Certified NeuroHealth Coach, specializing in Stress Management and Integrative Wellness Lifestyle for Work-Life Balance

Leah Borski is a Certified NeuroHealth Coach and Best-Selling Author, ‘Eat to Beat Stress’ She has studied stress management and health & wellness via UC Berkeley and Arizona State University. Most recently, she earned her NeuroHealth & NeuroLeader Coach Certifications via the ICF-accredited OptiMind Institute Neuroscience Program. Leah’s expertise encompasses 15+ years cumulative professional experience as a remote corporate contractor in the medical field, author, entrepreneur, and coach. During this time, she has overcome her own decades-long unhealthy relationships to food and alcohol, busyness, and perfectionism, as well as self-healed a resultant period of severe burnout. She has progressively mastered wellness-supportive stress relief practices, while simultaneously managing her roles as devoted military spouse and primary, often sole, full-time care provider for her two children (whom she has also been homeschooling since 2015). She is dedicated to refining her personal and professional experience, ongoing education, and continued growth in order to help leaders thrive with out-of-the-box methods based on science. Leah is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals to reclaim control of their mental-emotional-physical energy, so they can stop coming last in their own lives and create their positive ripple in the world. Get her expert tips + tools for stress management and work-life balance inside the free resource hub: https://leahborski.com/free-resources/