Kirsten Bunch

Kirsten Bunch is the Founder of Project Volo, an experiential personal and professional development program that helps leaders overcome fear-based beliefs that hold them back. A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach, Kirsten works with mission-focused individuals who want to manage change more effectively, or who simply want to have more impact and less stress at work. Kirsten spent 20+ years in leadership positions in some of the most impactful international organizations including Rainforest Alliance, TrickleUp and VisionSpring where she led business development and fundraising initiatives and managed diverse multinational teams. Kirsten is obsessed with the question of how you can maximize your potential by overcoming fear and procrastination. This obsession started on a roller derby track, where at the age of 46, Kirsten learned to use her fear as leverage for going after her dreams. She lives in northern New Jersey with her wife.

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