Jule Fuller

Jule has over 30 years experience in personal growth and development. She is the creator of the Authentic Self Assessment Profile.

Jule has worked for companies such as Westpac Banking as their National Sales Learning and Development Manager. Merrill Lynch as their Learning and Development Manager Australia & NZ. Whilst working at Westpac she tripled sales and referrals with her unique Mindset Training Program. Jule loves to push the boundaries on possibilities and prove that everyone is capable of achieving extraordinary things. She has created tertiary education programs where students results have dramatically changed the bell curve. With 85% of students getting A’s, 10% B’s and 5% C’s; Jule also designed and facilitated a primary teacher training program that resulted in intellectually disabled students outperforming mainstream students in basic maths and spelling. Jule has proven with the right beliefs and strategies anything is possible. Jule currently has her own coaching and online business. She specialises in empowering people own their truth, power, purpose and potential so they can take their rightful place in the world. In 2020 she designed a unique assessment tool called The Authentic Self Assessment Profile. It accurately depicts a person's unique strengths, self sabotaging behaviours as well as their life purpose. Jule believes that in order to make a difference you need to express your difference. The world needs people more than ever to own and express themselves authentically. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle called life and without each us owning our piece the whole can never be realised. Jule offers both Life Purpose and Leadership Coaching as well as access to the Living Authentically Club. Jule is also the creator of the the popular YouTube Channel MsThinkology which has over 30,000 subscribers and almost 4 million views. For more information visit www.julefuller.com