Jordan Tank

Jordan Tank is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist whose motto is simple: live longer, better. His purpose with his clients is to help them achieve a longer life that is higher quality than the generations before them. One where they can see their children, grandchildren, and maybe even great-grandchildren grow. Have you ever seen videos of the 80-year-old woman deadlifting her bodyweight or the 100-year-old man who ran in a 100-meter race? Did you watch those videos and think to yourself "how is that possible?" The answer to that question is what Jordan strives to answer. Through sustainable fitness routines and practical dietary approaches, Jordan has helped dozens of men and women regain a level of health and activity that they thought was left in the past. From a 60-year-old untrained man winning his first physique show to helping a 40-year-old woman get the sexy, sculpted arms of her dreams, Jordan has seen and heard all of the dreams and desires.

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