Gray Hughes

I work with successful career professionals, helping them rediscover their passion and purpose. As a result, my clients have successfully: "developed strategies to make life better" "got back in touch with my core principles" "gained powerful insights" "found a fresh perspective and tangible next steps". I was drawn to Life Coaching after my corporate career gravitated to training and mentoring. This introduced me to closer connection, partnership, synergy and ultimately alchemy. I have over twenty years experience pursuing self inquiry through various personal development models. This has profoundly enhanced my self-awareness and, as a result, I have been able to work through significant challenges around relationships, work and money. My coaching focuses on the 3 c's Coaching Model - - which promotes transformation, motivates clients to free themselves from their hard-wired thought patterns and to make visionary choices aligned with their values. I have personally experienced several transformations including swapping corporate sales for life coaching and writing, which manifested as a result of listening to my passions, following my heart and living my dream.

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