Gladys Simen

Gladys Simen is a life coach for moms who are trying to balance their work and family life. She crafts corporate programs for new mothers post-partum adaptation in the workplace to improve productivity, adapt to a changing role and manage career and motherhood with ease.  She is a life enthusiast who has lived in 5 different countries and mastered 2 languages. After moving to Canada and becoming a mom, she began to advocate for what she believed in, looking for the best way to be an exceptional example for her kids. It took becoming a fabulous mama for her to tap into some BIG superpowers within herself. Superpowers like staying present in the moment, being courageous, and advocating for herself and others. Now, she is passionate about helping working mothers live big, beautiful, shooting-for-the-stars kind of lives…right now. Not in 10 years. Not when the kids are grown. Not after that promotion finally comes around. Right. Now. Gladys considers herself an advocate for the working mama! She loves sharing her own stories about her journey to balance home and work life, and loves supporting fellow working mothers on their journeys. Gladys has been featured on Brainz Magazine, Careerload, Vault and many other top platforms discussing struggles of parenting and motherhood especially for working mothers. You can visit her website " My Life Couch " to see more of her published articles in the "Blog" section s well as discover her work in more detail.

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