Danielle Droitsch

My work with professionals and small organizations builds on 25 years of experience as a leader and an executive in the not-for-profit sector.  I have worked with small organizations with less than 10 staff to large international organizations.  Along the way I founded two small organizations myself. I am trained lawyer and a certified life coach trained with the Martha Beck Institute.  I’m also a mom of a wonderfully spirited 4-year old daughter and wife to a lovely Canadian.My professional experience has centered mostly on helping to design, build, and implement programs and campaigns.   Over those years, I have worked through the nitty gritty details of fundraising, strategy, and staffing.  I understand typical campaign challenges in the nonprofit sector including lack of money, lack of staff, and lack of public interest.  But along the way, through successes and failures, I have a good understanding of what works, what doesn’t, when to dig in, and when to sit back.  Over these years, I held a number of roles including founding executive director to two regional organizations, as well as directing major projects at national organizations.  I have served on Boards of Directors including a handful of granting agencies.   Along the way, I have engaged in every facet of the organization including staff management, board governance, government relations, fundraising, communications, advocacy, and financial management.

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