Christie Mitchell

Christie is an inappropriately, appropriate person who finds great joy helping others through uncovering her own idiosyncrasies and talking about it on the Internet. You may find a faint Southern drawl in her writing. That's because she's only trying to fake it because Southern people sound so much nicer when they are telling the truth…especially when they say, "Bless your heart". When she is not being honest with herself and others and advertising it on the World Wide Web, she is gritting her teeth as a Mad Woman among the Mad Men. Advertising never sleeps, and neither does a healthy dose of bourbon and the gospel of unadulterated honesty. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show, because Christie enjoys filling her refrigerator and her belly with the same kind of epicurean indulgence she gladly shares on the Internet. She'll be eating and laughing with you, always. Never to worry - she'll pick that popcorn kernel right out of your two front teeth, too.