Chris Lovett

Chris Lovett is a minimalist, TEDx speaker, career mentor, professional coach, disruptive thought leader, and the author of the top ten self sufficiency, green living and business motivation book Discovery of Less. Chris is one of the UK's only motivational speakers on minimalism and shares the incredible rewards around adopting a 'less is progress' approach in life and work. His minimalist storytelling, and the timing of it, resonates deeply across personal and professional lives as he shares the inspirational story behind selling off, donating, recycling and discarding virtually everything he ever owned and walking away from the security of a 'successful' career. You could say he was consumed by stuff - or stuffocated! Chris shares the life changing positive impact and psychology behind letting go, our relationship and attachment with stuff and the busy 'always on' mentality. Plus he provides 'the how' passing on techniques and real time exercises on how to simplify and embrace less to improve well-being, home, digital and mental clutter as well as unlock the potential of individuals and teams. Imagine what we could all achieve if we weren't bogged down with endless to-do lists, an attachment to clutter and consumed by all those self limitations. We all want to see that version of you. We need that version. A sustainable personal and professional life is quickly becoming the new normal, and it starts with letting go.

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