Charlotte L.

Blogger on and Explorer of Ways to Make and Save Money

Charlotte (or pseudonym: wanderingformoney) is a blogger on, and explorer of, ways to make and save money. Her blog is located It focuses mainly online via apps and websites or other platforms, but it also includes other tips and ideas for both. Her approach is to write about methods that she has personally tried herself and offer honest feedback. She hopes to save other people time with the time that she has spent trying out various methods to make and save money. She enjoys trying out a lot of new things and has been trying various apps, websites and platforms as means to make side income and to help save money. She discusses what she has tried based on her experiences and occasionally mentions some with positive reviews that she feels comfortable including. The goal is to provide an honest perspective, lesser known avenues, and real, practical tips. As a newer blogger, she writes under the pseudonym wanderingformoney. Sometimes she thinks wandering for saving money is more accurate, as that is more of her area of expertise. Specifically, she feels she is rather good at keeping expenses low, sometimes reducing bills to negative amounts, and finding nice ways to streamline the saving process. While saving money is perhaps an easier way to make money that can be done in less time than spending much effort towards money making efforts, both are essentially a means to make money. Her blog,, provides ideas for both as well as posts on some other topics, such as pictures, and using apps to simply other areas of life.