Chad Alexander

Leading a group of 20 students through a three-month personal fitness program, is where I first saw the life-enhancing effects that personal training combined with mindset coaching had on my students. It was here that I was able to combine the mental game strategies I had learned through Strategic Intervention Coaching (a training program created by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes), my research on growth mindset-oriented strategies (completed during my Master’s degree), and the research-based principles of personal training and nutrition. I am of the belief that mindset accounts for at least 80% of whatever a person achieves in fitness and in life. In each of my articles, I aim to provide my readers with actionable fitness-related, growth mindset strategies. Education: -Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine) -Bachelor of Science (Biology) -Master Degree in Leadership (Focus on Growth Mindset-Oriented Training/Teaching Stategies) -Bachelor of Education (Secondary) -Nutrition Certification (American Council on Exercise) -Certified for 250 Hours in Strategic Intervention Coaching

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