Cassie Therrien-Abell

Cassie has worked has a fitness professional since 2015. Along the way she has devoted herself to the studies of exercise and nutrition sciences and behavior change psychology. Cassie began her career in fitness Augusta, GA working with a variety of clientele. Shortly thereafter she began working at Equinox in south Florida, a fitness center known for highly educated coaches. While there she devoted of 1000 hrs of time to her education and earned more than a dozen certifications (listed below). In April of 2019 she started her fitness and lifestyle change company FitHappens Personal Training LLC Her coaching style focuses on both science-based and holistic coaching, aiming to educate people on practical fitness and nutrition habits that anyone can use to build a healthier and more energetic life and body. Having spent time competing as a bodybuilder and powerlifter Cassie knows that the common strategies the fitness industry encourages came from the world of bodybuilding and athletics and are strategies that often don't work or aren't practical for the general public. She hopes to help people find a path to fitness that fits into their real lives as parents, spouses, students, employees or business owners. Below are her current certifications in the area of wellness - ACE Certified Personal Trainer - ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist - Precision Nutrition Certified - Kettlebell Lvl 1 & 2 - Functional Movement Screen Lvl 1 & 2 - Self Trigger Point Certified - Pre/Post Natal Certified - ViPR Certified - Animal Flow Certified - Power Plate Certified

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