Carol Zee

As the owner and director of RESET Consulting, my passion is to help people communicate. I engage with clients seeking personal growth and development with interpersonal communication skills and can help with messaging, preparing for difficult conversations, connecting with an audience, preparing for interviews and learning how to present themselves confidently. It all starts with some self-reflection into how you operate on a daily basis. The better you understand your own communication habits, the better you will communicate with others. My work in the non-profit world helped me recognize and hone my skills in this area as I learned to navigate every kind of personality and communication style with ease and understanding. I learned to really listen and focus on the message in what people were saying without being distracted by the tone or manner in which it was delivered. I learned to stop taking things personally, I learned the difference between positions and interests and learned the benefit of knowing how to give and receive feedback really well. These are all coachable skills I bring to my clients to improve the quality of their communication, their confidence and their well-being.

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