22 Beauty Hacks You Have to Try


The summer months are drawing to a close, meaning the return to classes for some and simply the transition to a new season for others. Whatever it means for you, it’s a perfect opportunity to hack your personal grooming for a revamped beauty routine. Some of the tips on this list are specifically for warmer weather to get you through the last of these sweaty summer days. (You’re welcome.) Enjoy!

1. Eliminate permanent sweat stains

2. Vaseline prevents messy self-manicures

manicure tricks

3. Use a spoon for an easy winged eyeliner guide

Use a spoon to get the perfect wing shape for your eyeliner.

4. Make lips pop by using a highlighter pencil/cream

Use that same highlighter to accentuate your lips.

5. Cool down sunburns with frozen aloe vera gel

aloe vera

6. Make your lips look plump with this shimmer trick

Use pale frosted eyeshadow to get fuller, 3D lips.

7. Clean up your self-tanner mistakes with baking soda

diy baking soda

8. No more clumpy mascara!

9. Prevent shoe blisters with gel deodorant

blisters final 25 Beauty Tricks to Know By the Age of 25

10. Easily paint french tips using a rubber band

Touch up a French manicure with a rubber band.

11. Use white eyeliner pencil as eye shadow primer

Color your entire lid with white eyeliner to make eyeshadow colors POP.

12. Use a detachable shower head stand for hands-free blow-drying

13. Bubbly nail polish? Put it in the fridge

nail polish hack

14. For nail art use a metallic sharpie, let dry, then add top coat

15. Save your old mascara brush and use to apply eyebrow color

16. Give yourself a quick split-ends trim

split ends

17. Highlighter above you brows = instant eye lift

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18. Curl lashes and apply eyeliner in one go!

Clever! Eye Makeup Tricks - Must Know - Beauty Point Of View

19. Fix a broken lipstick tube with a lighter and your fridge

how to fix broken lipstick

20. Get the perfect lash curl with this technique

21. Heat your curler to make it more effective

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22. For natural & effective makeup remover, use coconut oil!

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