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Your Employment Rights After 50

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Your Employment Rights After 50

In case you weren’t aware, the default retirement age was abolished in 2011. So, even where you’re over 50 years old, you don’t have to give up on your career goals; there’s still time to attain your desired success. This is why it’s important to know what your employment rights are after turning 50.

Since age discrimination is against the law, it’s important that you stand your ground when it comes to applying for a promotion or finding a new job. A good tip given in this infographic is that you not put your date of birth or graduation date on your resume or CV. A company cannot discriminate against you if they don’t know how old you are. Plus, it’s illegal for interviewers and recruiters to ask for your age.

Your Employment Rights After 50 Infographic

    It’s also important to note that employers cannot set an upper age limit for training. This means that no matter how old you are, you have the right to improve your job knowledge. Many companies often like to replace their older workers with younger ones because they feel that they’re faster and learn quicker. This is not only illegal, but unethical. If you know someone who over 50 is having issues with their employer due to their age, be sure to share this infographic with them.

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