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Why You Should Plan Your Week This Friday

Why You Should Plan Your Week On The Friday has 3 simple reasons why doing your following week’s planning on the Friday afternoon works best.

  • 1. Bring closure to the week.
  • 2. You can relax all the way through Sunday evening.
  • 3. Avoid getting behind on Monday.
  • Read the post to get a breakdown of each idea.

    3 Reasons to Plan Your Week On Friday Afternoon – [IHateYourJob]

    Some ideas:

    One thing that you may find is a negative to this line of thinking is that you begin thinking [and possibly worrying] about the next week whilst trying to unwind on your weekend.

    This may happen, but a much more positive spin on that idea is you can develop your week’s plan during that time. Form your plan, and then casually improve on it during your down time.

    It also fits in well with the GTD side of things. Using this time to review the past week will strengthen your plan for the following one.

    One other benefit of this idea is during the final hours of the work week, when you can’t really be bothered doing ‘real’ work; you can spend that time planning your next week.

    Maybe send yourself an email to your work address just before you leave the office so when you come back you’ve got everything laid out in front of you.

    Any more ideas?

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