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Why Everyone Needs to Become an Entrepreneur

The working field is changing rapidly like no one has expected. In the not so distant past, the norm was that entrepreneurs are the new breed of renegades teeming in Silicon Valley. Now everyone, that includes you, have to turn entrepreneur just to preserve a job.

To explain further, freelancers, contractors, and freelance consultants have lower rates compared to full-time workers with benefits. US Software developers are way more expensive than overseas developers (So people prefer to outsource the ones from abroad), and it’s predicted that in the year 2030, robots will be doing most manual labor. All these interesting info were based on an infographic made by San Francisco-based startup, Funders and Founders.

It’s also important to point out that, nowadays, large companies encourage their employees to become “intrapreneurs”. This simply means that the corporation they are working for are giving them company time and all the resources they need to develop entrepreneurship projects that will someday create more income and potential opportunities for the company.


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