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When Personalities Clash

Unfortunately, we have all had to work with someone that we can’t stand at one point or another. It is particularly frustrating when that person is either: your boss, a family member, or a colleague. Psychology Today provides insight about how to handle working with someone that has a drastically different personality than you. The following are the take aways:

Resist recruiting allies. It’s reassuring to find evidence that “I’m not the only one who thinks our boss is a disorganized mess.” But the more you bond over the negative, the larger that negative looms in your own life.

Focus on strengths.
Remind yourself of the contributions your adversary does make—to the team, to the company, and especially, if you can find it, to your own work. This will take the edge off your annoyance.

Get out of the way.
Some personalities push buttons so personally sensitive that you are able only to cringe. If you can’t diminish the intensity of your reaction, at least reduce your contact.

Look in the mirror.
Not everyone at your office is as affected by the other’s personality as you are. If you can figure out your role in the dynamic or the source of your response, you’ll learn something important about yourself.

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