This is What Happened When Norwegian Youths Met People Who Made Their Clothes

This is What Happened When Norwegian Youths Met People Who Made Their Clothes

I am no expert on Norwegian culture, but apparently their teenagers spend a lot of money on clothing. So much so that director Joakim Kleven decided to create a documentary of sorts called Deadly Fashion that tries to expose these teenagers to the hardships faced by those forced to toil away in sweatshops in order to create the elaborate and expensive clothing they buy.

This is one clip from Kleven’s series that I would like to highlight in particular, due to it being one of the more impactful ones in my estimation. In it, you see a few Norwegian teenagers breaking down when they realize just how privileged they are compared to the people who work in terrible conditions to provide them with their clothing.




    This video, as well as the rest of the series, should prove to be enlightening to non-Norwegians as well. It is no secret that teenagers today seem to enjoy being voracious consumers without knowing exactly where and how the products they buy are made. There is indeed a universal lesson to be learned here, and it is that most people go through life so concerned about themselves and their immediate surroundings, that they forget about the bigger picture.



      In those rare instances when the curtain is pulled back, like when these Norwegian teens discovered the truth about their country’s fashion industry, folks tend to break down and re-assess. I think we could all stand to do some re-assessing now and then, and the world would be a better place for it.

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      Last Updated on August 20, 2018

      Quit Your Job If You Don’t Like It, No Matter What

      Quit Your Job If You Don’t Like It, No Matter What

      Do you know that feeling? The one where you have to wake up to go to your boring 9-5 job to work with the same boring colleagues who don’t appreciate what you do.

      I do, and that’s why I’ve decided to quit my job and follow my passion. This, however, requires a solid plan and some guts.

      The one who perseveres doesn’t always win. Sometimes life has more to offer when you quit your current job. Yes, I know. It’s overwhelming and scary.

      People who quit are often seen as ‘losers’. They say: “You should finish what you’ve started”.

      I know like no other that quitting your job can be very stressful. A dozen questions come up when you’re thinking about quitting your job, most starting with: What if?


      “What if I don’t find a job I love and regret quitting my current job?”
      “What if I can’t find another job and I get in debt because I can’t pay my bills?”
      “What if my family and friends judge me and disapprove of the decisions I make?”
      “What if I quit my job to pursue my dream, but I fail?

      After all, if you admit to the truth of your surroundings, you’re forced to acknowledge that you’ve made a wrong decision by choosing your current job. But don’t forget that quitting certain things in life can be the path to your success!

      One of my favorite quotes by Henry Ford:

      If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

      Everything takes energy

      Everything you do in life takes energy. It takes energy to participate in your weekly activities. It takes energy to commute to work every day. It takes energy to organize your sister’s big wedding.


      Each of the responsibilities we have take a little bit of our energy. We only have a certain amount of energy a day, so we have to spend it wisely.  Same goes for our time. The only things we can’t buy in this world are time and energy. Yes, you could buy an energy drink, but will it feel the same as eight hours of sleep? Will it be as healthy?

      The more stress there is in your life, the less focus you have. This will weaken your results.

      Find something that is worth doing

      Do you have to quit every time the going gets touch? Absolutely not! You should quit when you’ve put everything you’ve got into something, but don’t see a bright future in it.

      When you do something you love and that has purpose in your life, you should push through and give everything you have.

      I find star athletes very inspiring. They don’t quit till they step on that stage to receive their hard earned gold medal. From the start, they know how much work its going to take and what they have to sacrifice.


      When you do something you’re really passionate about, you’re not in a downward spiral. Before you even start you can already see the finish line. The more focus you have for something, the faster you’ll reach the finish.

      It is definitely possible to spend your valuable time on something you love and earn money doing it. You just have to find out how — by doing enough research.

      Other excuses I often hear are:

      “But I have my wife and kids, who is going to pay the bills?”
      “I don’t have time for that, I’m too busy with… stuff” (Like watching TV for 2 hours every day.)
      “At least I get the same paycheck every month if I work for a boss.”
      “Quitting my job is too much risk with this crisis.”

      I understand those points. But if you’ve never tried it, you’ll never know how it could be. The fear of failure keeps people from stepping out of their comfort zone.


      I’ve heard many people say, “I work to let my children make their dream come true”. I think they should rephrase that sentence to: “I pursue my dreams — to inspire and show my children anything is possible.” 


      Think carefully about what you spend your time on. Don’t waste it on things that don’t brighten your future. Instead, search for opportunities. And come up with a solid plan before you take any impulsive actions.

      Only good things happen outside of your comfort zone.

      Do you dare to quit your job for more success in life?

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