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The Realities of the New Workplace

After the recession started in 2007, the workplace has started to change drastically. While some people are adapting to the realities of the new workplace well (I would not have become a freelance writer were it not for the current economic climate), others still haven’t acknowledged that things are changing.

If you need a primer on the rules of the new workplace, Switch and Shift has a great run down on how things are changing, including:

  • No company will hire you full time if they don’t need you full time. Before the recession, most people had full time jobs, even if their skills weren’t required on a full time basis. This is not the case anymore, when so many people are happy just to work part time.
  • There are more temp gigs than ever, but unlike temporary jobs of the past, they will most likely not result in permanent jobs.
  • Large companies will not offer you any more job security than small companies. In fact, some of the only companies booming in this economy are small startups.
  • Even when the economy picks up again, these new workplace changes might not disappear.

So are you ready and able to work in the new workplace?

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