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The Psychology Behind Success



Everything we create for ourselves starts in our brains, in our thoughts and in our actions. Here, we have some MRI-tested brain based bio-hacks to help you achieve success:

1. Increase self-awareness.
When we are brutally honest about our strengths and weaknesses it allows us to be more intuitive, better assess situations and remain in control. Sustained cortical midline activity in the front parts of the anterior.

2. Set your goal.
Sources of motivation cause a gush of synapses in the orbito-frontal cortex, amygdala and striatum, which is apparent with goal setting. It also increases dopamine action, which makes us feel rewarded.

3. Focus on action.
Focus is the first step of knowing where you’re heading.

4. Take control of your emotions.
One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is suppress emotions like stress and anger. We must perceive these emotions differently, turning stress into a challenge and anger into fuel.

5. Increase memory.
Use past experiences to stimulate future outcomes.

6. Analyse and learn from mistakes.
We can change future outcomes by keeping calm, analysing and learning from past mistakes.

7. Rewire your brain.
You can actually transform your brain’s architecture using positive emotions, consistent focus and practise. Certain thoughts and activities set off strings of synapses between parts of the brain, this traffic forces the brain to grow new ‘lanes’.

8. Keep your brain healthy.
Exercise boosts blood flow and oxygen to your brain whilst increasing glucose metabolism.

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