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The Power of Plants in the Workplace

Plants are a common item in many homes and workplaces, but do you know about all of their amazing benefits? The biggest benefit of indoor plants is definitely cleaner air. They can remove up to 87% of air toxins, and can eliminate a minimum of 300g of carbon dioxide. They also help to create a more comfortable humidity level.

If you have a stressful job, you can really benefit from a desk plant since it will help to lower your stress levels – especially after completing a task. A few things you may not know about plants in the workplace is that they not only reduce absenteeism, but also help increase creativity and work speeds when it comes to computer tasks.

The Power of Plants in the Workplace Infographic

The infographic doesn’t just stop at the benefits in an office environment, it also shows the power of plants in hospitals, schools and hotels. Do you have plants in your workplace and if so, have you noticed any of the above-mentioned benefits?

The Power of Plants in the Workplace | Ambius

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