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Is The Design Of Your Office Making You Unhealthy?

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    The Washington Post recently posted an extremely interesting infographic that answers the question, “are you in an unhealthy office relationship?” Now, granted it’s not that sort of relationship, it’s better. In this infographic created by Bonnie Berkowitz and Laura Stanton, we can see just how important every aspect of your office space is and how everything from air quality to the acoustics can impact your productivity, mood, and overall health.

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      The piece describes in detail healthy and unhealthy factors for various areas of office life. For example, bad lighting such as fluorescent lighting can be extremely unhealthy as it reduces alertness, mood, and can impair your natural sleep pattern. Meanwhile good lighting — natural lighting — is healthy, and saves energy.

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        Are You In An Unhealthy Office Relationship? | Washington Post

        Featured photo credit: Modern Building Windows via picjumbo.com

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