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The Anatomy of A Great Resume

A great resume might not actually be sexy, but it’s certainly something that potential employers will find alluring. So with so much competition in the work place, how can you make your resume look more appealing to those doing the hiring?

Just like a sexy person, a great resume should be confident, unbloated, humble and open. In terms of resumes, that means filled with accomplishments, well summarized, not self-absorbed and loaded with critical key words. Keep your resume clean by proofreading for grammar and spelling errors. Avoid using unprofessional email addresses, objectives, unrelated information and excessive abbreviations.

Of course, one critical thing to remember is that all rules are meant to be broken, even on a great resume. If you have a good reason to include unrelated information because you think a job you are applying to needs to know more about you as a person, then include it. Just remember to consult the rules before you choose to break them.

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