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Stop Micromanaging!

Stop Micromanaging!

We’re talking about the kind of manager that gives someone a task, a deadline, and then keeps ‘checking up’ to make sure things are moving along. This is micromanagement, and it’s not good.

Signs of micromanagement

  • Resist delegating;
  • Immerse themselves in overseeing the projects of others;
  • Start by correcting tiny details instead of looking at the big picture;
  • Take back delegated work before it is finished if they find a mistake in it; and
  • Discourage others from making decisions without consulting them.

What’s wrong with micromanaging?

Good managers empower their employees to do well by giving opportunities to excel; Bad managers disempower their employees by hoarding those opportunities. And a disempowered employee is an ineffective one – one who requires a lot of time and energy from his supervisor.

How To Stop?

Quit it, apologize [maybe?] and get to doing actual management, delegating work and letting employees do their jobs.

Avoiding Micromanagement – [MindTools]

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