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Should I Work From Home?

Should I Work From Home?

A lot people fantasize of the idea, but is it really a good idea for you to work from home? Are you thinking of starting a home business? Do you hate traffic?

No matter what the positives for working at home are, there are some negatives. Generally, it’s a personality thing and what sort of environment do you really work better in. Also, are you ready for that kind of commitment?

No Boss.

Pro: It’s true that your boss is not in your home looking over shoulder.

Con: However, we all have a “boss,” someone that we answer to:

  • Bloggers have their audience to please.
  • Freelancers and service providers have their clients to please.
  • Product sellers have their customers to please.
  • Writers have their editors, publishers, and readers to please.
  • Inventors have their end-user to please.
  • We all have ourselves, family, and financial needs that we must live up to.
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