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Organizing ToDos: Urgency Vs Importance

You can organize your todo lists any which way you like [house, work, fun etc] but how often are you categorizing them into importance and urgency?

Sean Tierney suggests sorting your todos graphically on a scale for urgency vs importance – since tasks can sometimes parade as urgent when they really aren’t, and vise versa.

Urgency and importance are completely independent of one another. Once you understand that, doing triage on a todo list becomes way easier. The best way to understand this concept is through a simple graph of tasks:

Organizing ToDos: Urgency Vs Importance

Read on Sean’s post for how he sees this method helping get started on your todo’s.

May I suggest putting up a four-square grid on a wall and posting todos with Post-It notes?

Urgency vs. Importance and the 5th system for scattered todos – [ScrollinonDubs]

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