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Obvious Reasons Why Your Cover Letters Are Being Ignored

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You’re writing your cover letters in the wrong way all the time.

Almost always, your cover letters start this way…

“Hello, my name is _______ . I have considered your Job Ad and I’m interested to apply as _______ in your company.”

Never start that way again!

Instead, grab attention immedately by starting your cover letter with your own story. Something that has occured during your spare time, at work, or while on vacation. It can be amusing, interesting, melodramatic, mind blowing, or simply adsurd. Pick something you think is appropriate for the company and the position.

If you can relate the tale to the position you desire, coupled with the skills set needed, you have a bigger chance of impressing the hiring manager. People love stories; that’s the logic behind it.

Here’s a good example of how to start a cover letter that gets read:

“As a teenager, I learned that my grandfather developed Alzheimer’s. While it was painful to watch him decline, I made a point to provide him extra attention, tend to his ever-growing needs and be as much of a caretaker as I could. It wasn’t easy, but that experience proved to me that nursing is my calling. And that’s why I’d like to work in the medical field and help others.” ~ You’ve Been Writing Cover Letters All Wrong by DANNY RUBINNEWS TO LIVE BY

The process you have to follow:

a. Think of the position you want to apply to.

b. Write down all the skills the job requires. (Think of the most important qualities needed for the position).

c. Now, for the crucial part–look back in your life. Remember a moment, or a situation showing the kind of individual the hiring officer desires. Reminder: It doesn’t need to have happened in the workplace.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to write the best cover letter, ever.

Original Source: You’ve Been Writing Cover Letters All Wrong by DANNY RUBINNEWS TO LIVE BY via Business Insider

Featured photo credit: Detail of Girl’s Hands typing on MacBook/VIKTOR HANACEK via picjumbo.com

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