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Must-Have Keywords for Tech Job Hunters

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If you’re a tech graduate and are still looking for a job, you might want to take a look at what one labor-market data analysis company found out after scouring 2,000 wanted advertisements. The findings help shed a little bit of light on STEM careers and what employers are looking for in a new recruit. These résumé keywords are linked to the salaries being offered for jobs including computer-centric proficiencies and other broader skills.

Topping the lists were skills such as Process Management, Machine Learning, and Load Runner (salary values ranging from $125,258 to $170,371). Broadly speaking, the “any skill” list includes aptitudes such as Credit Risk and Analysis, Providing Financial Solutions, and New Business Development (all over $180,000). They do point out that this data set pulls information indiscriminately from wanted ads and that the bigger picture of an applicant is more important than having any one keyword. But this should help job-seekers polish their CV so that they have the best fighting chance.

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        The most valuable keywords to have on a tech resume | QZ.com

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