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The Secret Behind Typical Job Interview Questions

Your palms are sweaty.  Your knees are knocking.  You are heading into a job interview, and you know exactly what they will do.

They will ask you questions.

And you will have to answer.  But your answer will show more than just how articulate you are and how well you respond to questions under pressure.  Your answers will show how you think.

For instance, in the Infographic below, you might be asked, “Why are manhole covers round?”  They want to see how well you reason, how well you can draw conclusions.

And if they ask, “Why should I hire you?”, it is not because they want to hear the answer – presumably you already have given that to them in writing – but rather to get a sense of your self-confidence, which will show through by how you answer the question.

Taking the time to understand what the interviewer is actually looking for when asking these questions, will help you to more effectively answer to your advantage.

Concept and Logic Behind Typical Interview Questions

Sample Questionnaire

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