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How To Use Deadlines

How To Use Deadlines

I’ve always found deadlines to be strangely helpful when needing to come up with new ideas and content. This would definitely fit into what Scott H Young calls the Push.

What he’s established are the misuses of deadlines, as well as when to use deadlines for completing projects.

Attributes of a Good Deadline

  • Objective – Have you reached your goal? If the answer can’t be answered with either yes or no, you need to rephrase it. Vague goals are useless candidates for deadlines.
  • Possible – Does your deadline fit your plan or is it wishful thinking? Don’t buy groceries on an empty stomach on don’t set deadlines when drunk with motivation.
  • Elimination – Can you eliminate parts of your plan if there isn’t time? You need to know what to abandon if you run out of time.
  • Chunked – Break your deadline into components. For this article, I’ve given myself forty minutes to write and ten to do an image.
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