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How to Grow Healthy Employees

Penelope Trunk from Yahoo! Finance gives great advice as to how managers should treat their employees. The advice is from the perspective of management, and it is focused on making employees, “…feel good about themselves and what they’re doing.” The advice is very practical for anyone in a management or supervisory role:

Manage people first, do your own work second.
Your job is to make sure the people on your team perform well. They can’t do that if you’re not managing them, so most of your day will be spent helping them to develop their skills.

Your own work is something that comes after you’ve taken care of everyone else. This means you have to get very fast at doing your own work so that you can be available when direct reports need you.

Delegate your best work.
A great way to make more time to help people grow is to delegate your own work. But don’t delegate your grunt work — who wants to do that? Delegate your best stuff and the person you give it to will feel really lucky to be getting more work to do. You get more time no matter which kind of work you delegate, so you might as well be popular.

Help people get recognized.
You have more access to the world outside your team than the people reporting to you do. Use that access to make sure people know the strengths of your various team members.

If you help people get recognition, they’ll be more likely to pick up a mentor. And while a boss is not always the best mentor, they can certainly help locate a mentor, and someone with mentor will stay longer and care more about work.

A Manager’s Guide to Growing Happy Employees – [Yahoo! Finance]

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