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How To Get Your Perfect Career

How To Get Your Perfect Career

All the reasons you are stuck in a profession you don’t like and want to get out of don’t really exist. You have the ability to shift careers and do what you love.

1. Job hunt all the time.
You’re managing your career all the time, so if you’re not constantly looking around to see what opportunities are there for you, how will you find them? No one is steering your career for you. If you don’t have long-term goals that you’re working toward every day, your career is going nowhere; you’re treading water in the workplace instead of swimming.

I love Penelope Trunk’s advice and think this article is an important read for anyone not entirely happy with their career. Penelope suggests that it’s all in your control so you should take control.

The Right Career Is Yours for the Taking – [YahooFinance]

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