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How Millennials Are Transforming The Work Force

Written by Hemendra
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Technology has brought immense changes in our day to day life over the last decade. The way we work, socialize, and even buy groceries has completely transformed. Millennials are the biggest beneficiaries of this, for they are the ones driving this change. Due to increased connectivity and the advent of smartphones, tablets, and social media networks, the work environment has gone through a sea change as well.

The millennial generation is a restless lot who want to live it up. Sticking to one job, one field and one company bores them. Most of these workers opt for working remotely, so telecommuting is no more the domain of the ‘stay at home dads’. Some companies even claim that these remote workers are more productive than their regular office employees. The recession period post-2008 when many companies laid off their employees led to telecommuting becoming a popular alternative. Telecommuting allows people to work on their own schedule and from anywhere.

Contrary to popular belief, surfing the web in office and social media access has shown a considerable increase in productivity. The millennials are capable of multitasking better than the baby boomers ever were due to the exposure and comfort levels using new technology. High standards of living have encouraged many young people to make more money and to work smarter.

With the internet opening up newer avenues for startups, there’s an increase in millennials floating their own ventures in addition to their day jobs. Most millennials also don’t see themselves in the same job for long.

This infographic by Hostt illustrates the mindset of the new age employee and the paradigm shift they are bringing to the work place.


    Featured photo credit: Hostt via s3.amazonaws.com

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