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Hiring Brilliant People

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Hiring Brilliant People

As a manager, hiring is not hard, but hiring right people is one of the hardest components in management. Interview plays a major factor on getting great people on-board. BNET has a feature section called Now Hiring: Brilliant People with a quick how-to, some example questions that you must ask, and ten mistakes interview make during job interviews. The article about ten mistakes is extremely important to avoid during the interview:

  • You Talk Too Much
  • You Gossip or Swap War Stories
  • You’re Afraid to Ask Tough Questions
  • You Fall Prey to the Halo Effect (or the Horns Effect)
  • You Ask Leading Questions
  • You Invade Their Privacy
  • You Stress the Candidate Out
  • You Cut It Short
  • You Gravitate Toward the Center
  • You Rate Candidates Against Each Other

Now Hiring: Brilliant People – [BNET via TechRepublic]

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