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Feeling Disengaged At Work? Here's The Solution


Employee engagement, or a serious lack of, is a common problem amongst many companies and organisations. Here, we have a possible solution!

Occupy Meetings

According to Gallup, only 13% of employees around the world are  engaged at work. Despite this, many would happily welcome more work.

Stop Wasting Time

More than half of the workers surveyed said they attend one to three meetings per week, which is about four to ten hours. However, they often aren’t focusing entirely on the meeting: 69% check their mail, 49% do other work, 44% eat and have other conversations. Overall, 92% confess to multi-tasking during meetings.

Consider What The Impact Of Low Engagement Is

Low employee engagement is estimated to cost the United States somewhere between $450 to $550 billion a year. Higher engagement increases profitability, turnover and safety.

How You Can Get Your Employees More Engaged: Video

Where many employees confessed to being distracted during face-to-face meetings (16%) only 4% felt the same during video conferences. 63% said they were more likely to prepare thoroughly before a video meeting, and 67% admit video conferences help breakdown geographical boundaries which encourages deeper engagement.

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